3 Simple Ways To Avoid Looking Needy To Girls

how to not be needy with girls

When it comes to dating women you want to avoid coming across as needy…

I know it. You know it. But how CAN you avoid coming across as needy?

After all, you want to take her on a date, you want to date her potentially…doesn’t that suggest neediness in itself?

Not if you play things right. There are many important points to cover about this topic but I thought for this post I’ll just give you the simplest ways to avoid coming across as needy. Doing these simple things regularly will probably prevent you from being seen as needy simply by creating a counter balance.

Try them out in your interactions with women. You’ll see what interesting results you get.

Let’s get started:

1. Finish conversations first

A simple way to avoid appearing needy is to resist the temptation to drag every interaction out with a girl as long as you can. Of course, we care about her, we want her to know how much we like her. But if we show that we always want more, more time, more conversation, more reassurance then we’re achieving one thing only: We look needy and we make her pull back.

What happens next? She starts talking about being friends because she’s starting to feel pressure to manage your expectations. And you get really desperate.

So instead STOP yourself from always dragging things out. Instead pick your moments for those longer conversations, but also sometimes finish a phone call at a point where she was just having a great connection with you, maybe laughing at something you’ve been saying…Not in an abrupt way of course. But do it. It will subtly readdress the “power balance” between you if it needs readdressing.

2. Never call a woman that hasn’t called you back

When we first meet a girl and get her number, we’re often thinking about her every 10 min. We’re starting to day dream about how things will go when we meet again, when we hook up, how she’ll be in bed etc etc etc.

So when she doesn’t instantly text back or call back when we make contact it’s tempting to check whether she’s got the message, or make sure she’s got it by calling again a few more times just to make sure.

Don’t do it. It’s different when you’re in a relationship with a girl but the less you know a girl the more she will interpret your behaviour and look for potential red flags. And calling a girl 3 times in a row raises the “obsessive potential stalker” flag faster than you can text: “Did you not get my message?”

Instead…WAIT. Do other things. Understand that she’s got a lot of other things going on in her life like anybody. Understand that there are good reasons for why people do the things they do. Or not do. And that she can still be interested in you.

Then a day or two later, if she still hasn’t got back to you, shoot her a quick message. WITHOUT complaining why she didn’t call back.

3. Tease Her.

Teasing is great. Simply by teasing a girl a little you’re saying so many of the right things:

1. That you don’t take her too seriously.
2. That you’re confident enough to take a risk without being scared of what she might do
3. That you see her as someone who’s got a sense of humour and who is cool.
4. That you’re not intimidated by her.
5. That you’re not insecure around her.
6. And of course, that you’re not NEEDY for reassurance or anything else.

And by the way, when I say teasing I mean: Teasing like you used to tease girls in school. Like you tease a friend. Like you tease your little sister. Get it? Not in a heavy handed kind of way. If she’s not pulling faces, or laughing or hitting you on the arm you’re doing it wrong.

So these are 3 very simple ways to avoid appearing needy around girls.

Of course, not coming across as needy is just one of the most basic things you need to understand if you want to become a guy who can consistently attract women you’d probably think are out of your league.

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