3 Tips To Be Less Predictable With Women


Are You Predictable With Women?

Have you ever spent time with a person that always said the socially accepted thing right when you knew they’d say it? In other words…you would know almost exactly what they would say, how they would respond, the words they would use…about a second BEFORE they would actually say it? I have many times…and when it happens it’s driving me up the wall in sheer boredom!

Why am I telling you this?

Because millions of men do this to a high degree when they meet women, when they approach them, when they go on a date with them, when they try to “get it on’ with them… In other words: because they’re a bit nervous, and because they want the girl to like them…they think by doing exactly what any other guy would do or say in that situation they’ve got the best chance of getting through it without any major disasters.


Listen. If a girl sits opposite you and she can anticipate everything you say, do or point out…it will kill any attraction faster than you can say “how was your journey?”! Why?

Because you’re PREDICTABLE. And predictable is not exciting, romantic, interesting, attractive or even remotely engaging. It’s dull. And most people (women included) already have enough dullness in their lives (cleaning, commuting, eating, doing the dishes) that they try to avoid it more than anything in what is supposed to be the fun part of their lives!

So being predictable instantly disqualifies you. After all…if she’s already bored with you on the first date or the first time you speak to her…how would things be after being in a relationship with you for 5 years? EXTREMELY DULL! Women PROJECT FORWARD from what they’re feeling now. Just like men do.

So to avoid being predictable is key to attracting women. But how can you be unpredictable without coming across as too weird or too wacky? And how unpredictable is the “right” level to attract women?

Here are three tips any man can use to be less predictable and boring in a way that attracts women:


Just by NOT doing the compliant appropriate thing in all situations you’re going to surprise her. So that means not always saying the right thing, taking risks, being able to say no, have your own mind and don’t ever agree with her on something if you don’t agree inside.


I say this over and over again. If there’s a rule in life that gets me back to being excited about living it’s this! By “Entertain Yourself” I mean when you’re focussing on having fun and not just on getting her to have fun. You have a good time, and she’s one of the main reasons for it…but you’re not just there to entertain her. The reason why this “Entertain Yourself” mindset works so well is because makes you make different choices than you would normally make.

It will get you to focus on the moment and how to squeeze the most fun out of it. That will make you unpredictable in just the right way. It may sound selfish to you if you’re not used to thinking about it like this but trust me…if there’s a magic formula to being attractive this attitude  has got to be a part of it!


This is one of my many Pimp Your Lingo Methods to keep things interesting and unpredictable when you’re talking to women.

Here’s how you do it: When a girl asks you a typical question like “So what do you do for a living?” rather than answering it like most guys do you could just look at her and playfully say: “Fascinating question. How did you come up with that?” Or you could happily totally ignore the question and ask her her something unrelated, while at the same time letting her know that you did hear her question. You can later come back to it. 😉

Again. To many guys it could seem rude or unnecessary. Of course it’s good to do this with charm and a sense of humour. But it helps you to be playful, avoid boredom for yourself and her. Go and use at least one of these when you go on a date a few times to get used to it.

The “Easy Side Step” is one of many conversation secrets I’ve found to help in creating sexual tension in conversations with women.  If you’ve liked these tips as much as I’ve enjoyed putting them together for you you might be interested in finding out what else is possible to get more connection and attraction in conversations with women. So you’re probably a great fit for my Pimp Your Lingo Advanced Conversation Skills For Men Program. When you click the link for more information you’ll also find true stories from men who’ve used it to change their lives…

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