Breadcrumbing – How To Deal With Flaky Women And Avoid Getting “Breadcrumbed”


Ever heard of “breadcrumbing”? It’s a new term describing a process you’ve probably experienced a few times if you’ve been dating women. Who knows, you might have done it yourself a few times.

So what is breadcrumbing and what should you do when it happens to you?

In this video you’ll discover why women (or men) do this, why it’s better not to take it personally and I’ll give you the 3 key strategies to avoid getting sucked into a situation where you feel “breadcrumbed”.


Now, the real key to avoiding flaky women or breadcrumbing is to simply be the most interesting guy to talk to that she’s currently in touch with.

So you’ll want to be able to flirt with women, connect with women and attract them from the moment you talk to them on an app, on whatsapp or via text, by phone and of course also in person.

If you’re not sure how to attract women via text or phone then do yourself a favor and go to and get some of my most powerful techniques to attract women in conversation.

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