What Brexit Can Teach You About Attracting Women!


Been watching the news recently? Then you will have heard that the British Government asked the British Public: “Do you want to leave the European Union? Yes or no?” Also called a referendum.

And after much marketing from both sides it turned out that 51.9% of the british voting public actually said “No” against all the advice from economic experts and most of the people who actually know about the advantages of being part of the European Union.

So, now you’re asking:

How does this relate to attracting women?

Here’s how.

See, the british government put the british public on the spot. And asked them a closed question. The british public had two options. Yes or no. After twenty years of negative propaganda about the European Union and having been fed quite a number of lies in the process enough people said “no”, even though it might go against all logic. A lot of people even regretted voting leave literally the next morning, which is pretty insane.

But here’s the thing: They couldn’t say “maybe” or “yes, if we can implement some changes”…or “mmhh I don’t know yet…lets see”. Those weren’t options. It was yes or no. And now you have a country which is completely divided. Because of the principle of commitment and consistency, which means that when we take a stand on something we will defend that position in order to stay consistent with ourselves. Even if it didn’t seem that absolute or important to us in the past.

So finally… here’s how this relates to dating a girl:

It’s about what happens when you ask the wrong “yes or no” question, also called a “closed question”. Like for example: “Do you like me?” or “Do you like me as a boyfriend?” or “Do you think you could fall in love with me?”.

What do you think happens when you ask a girl: “So, do you like me?” Or if you do the equivalent of that question by telling her “I really like you…do you feel the same about me?”

You put her on the spot. And right there and then, she has to answer yes or no. Yes means a massive commitment in terms of your expectations and what might happen next. If she’s not 100% sure at this point it’s going to be difficult for her to say “yes”.

So unless a woman hasn’t already been secretly in love with you for ages the answer will usually be “no.” Or “I don’t know” or “mmhh probably not, but we can be friends”. And now she feels awkward and guilty because she assumes that you feel rejected. And all remnants of attraction have just been eradicated.

Hello, friend zone and general awkwardness.

Remember that girl in school that you didn’t think was pretty who you knew secretly liked you? Remember how you felt about her? That’s how your date now feels about you.

So, don’t put women on the spot with needy, closed questions. Don’t try to get reassurance. Don’t try to be sure of what she thinks.

The second you force her to say something negative, she will be more likely to stick with that going forward because of the principle of commitment and consistency. Once she is forced to decide how she “feels about you” she will want to remain consistent with that choice.

Don’t force her to put you into the friend zone just because you want some reassurance.


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