Germany vs Brazil 7:1 – What Football Can Teach You About Attracting Women


Have you been watching the FIFA world cup in Brazil?

Then you probably didn’t miss the news that Germany beat former tournament favourite Brazil by a sensational 7:1 margin. So what can this one game teach you about dating and attracting women?

A lot.

I know I am biased. I am German. But stick with me.

Let’s compare the two teams and draw the lessons. I promise it will make sense in the end:


Germany had a SYSTEM based on experience, preparation and practice. They all knew what the system was. They adhered to it. They also had flexibility in it. So it gave them strength and something to hold on to especially at the beginning of the game when Brazil were raring to go and tried to put them under pressure.

Germany played by PASSING AND MOVING. Which required everyone to tune into each other, react to each other, notice other players runs, to play together as a team. Making the right simple choice at the right moment. Giving each other space and supporting each other for the good of the team.

Germany played with COOL HEADED AWARENESS. They didn’t get caught up in the drama of it all, they didn’t get intimidated by 70000 Brazilians in the stadium, they didn’t get cocky and started showboating, they knew that only by staying internally calm and focussed they would stay in charge of the game.


Brazil didn’t seem to have a SYSTEM. They tried this or that and nobody seemed to be on the same page. They seemed desperate almost from the beginning. When something didn’t go their way they didn’t seem to have a common way of playing to fall back on.

Brazil either seemed to be STATIC OR RUNNING WITH THE BALL and losing it. Players seemingly not knowing where the others were. Not playing as a team. Not making the right choices who to pass to. Getting in each others way. Watching the ball rather than tackling.

It seemed to come from BLINKERED EMOTIONALITY. Brazil looked like they just wanted to win the game by being passionate. Instead they looked blind. Trying the same again and again without success. The less it worked, the harder they tried to do the same long ball rather than adjusting. They totally lost their heads for 20 min in the first half and went 5:0 down.


When it comes to meeting new women or dating women It’s important to have a flexible system based on a deeper understanding and experience and practice. If you don’t have a flexible system, or a deeper understanding then click here. Understand what attracts women. Then use it to get positive experience and practice. But first of all you need to understand what will help women to trust you and see you as an attractive guy.

The “Pass and Move” system of the German team is similar to the give and take in conversations that build real connection and attraction. If you can only listen and respond naturally and pick up verbal and physical cues you can get a lot further than by running self indulgent routines to “demonstrate value”. In other words…you want to play with her like she’s another player on your team…Pass her the ball and be open to get it back and pass it again when it feels right. Learn more about how this works to attract women in conversation here

Lastly…if you can keep a cool head and stay aware of what’s going on you can handle any situation with a girl. Always remember: Minimum effort, maximum awareness. Keep your eyes and ears open. Quiten your mind. And find yourself fully focused on the moment.

Don’t start indulging yourself in your own feelings, don’t lose your head if something isn’t going to plan, don’t watch the action like a bystander, don’t try to make a date work by desperately telling story after story to try to make her laugh or “demonstrate value”. That way you don’t see things, hear things and lose awareness of her.

Pass her the ball and let her pass it back to you. Dating, like football or soccer, is a team sport.


Finally I’ve combined two great topics (football and women) into one blog post. I can die a happy man! /;-)

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PS: Who will win the world cup?? Let me know your guess below!







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