How To Approach A Girl | Why I Couldn’t Start A Conversation With A Girl

A number of years I really sucked at starting a simple conversation with a girl. As soon as I saw any sign of interest from a girl and I was attracted to her in some way I freaked out and went on an imaginary journey in my head. In the process I never got around to actually starting that conversation with her. Instead I would agonize over what to do and how to do it.

The reason was my overactive imagination that started an “imaginary relationship with this girl right on the spot.

And I know from coaching clients that for a lot of them they’re going through a similar process in their minds. Especially if you’re shy or on the introvert side it’s tempting to go into a fantasy world rather than just taking the first step.

In this video you’ll learn what to do to combat your overactive imagination and start the conversation before you can start to put pressure on yourself like I used to do.

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