How To Approach Girls On Campus (Without Getting Gossiped About)

approach a girl on campus

Yesterday night we did a coaching call with the guys in my Total Access Club. (That’s my advanced coaching club for the coolest dudes among my clients ;-))

Anyway. One of my clients asked:

“I’m due to start university soon. I was wondering: Is it still worth approaching women when you know you’ll still have to see them quite regularly even if it doesn’t work out? (For example at the workplace, or in my case at university?)”

So I thought I share it with you on the blog. Because I know a lot of guys get stuck in this situation.

Here’s what I said to him:

Of course it’s worth approaching them. You just need to do it the RIGHT way.

There’s a key difference between talking to a girl on campus or in a bar, club or cafe. You’ll meet her again the next day. She meets others that meet you. She can talk about you.

If you meet a stranger somewhere during your day you’re less likely to meet her again unless you want to and get her number.

So what you want to avoid is coming on too strong, making her withdraw and make general moves to avoid you. Because if you picked the wrong girl it COULD get you typecast as the “campus creep”. It would also make it harder to meet someone else after.

On the other hand you still need to make something happen, get contact going, make your move…but what move? And how should you do it?

It may sound tricky but it’s actually simple.

The key is to go “baby steps”. I don’t mean making steps to make babies. I mean tiny steps.

Rather than going in like some “pick up artist” and try to get her number on the first short conversation you pace yourself. And focus on the long haul. So you can make things move in the right direction but you can always change direction.

So first time you talk to her you’re simply being a social guy (If you’re not sure what I mean please read this).

You might ask her a quick plausible friendly question like: “Hey, waiting for the history class too?” Whatever is plausible in the situation you find her in. Then you quickly introduce yourself “Anyway, I am (your name).” Wait for her to tell you her name. Then you say “Nice to meet you. I guess I see you around…” And then you go.

That’s right, you’re not trying to “close the deal” or “score” or anything. You walk off.

Remember, it’s a long distance run, not a sprint.

Next time you see her give her a smile, call her by name and pick up something plausible or mildly amusing about her situation and bring it up. And engage her in a slightly longer conversation and build some familiarity and trust. (If you’re not sure how to do that then get my Conversation Skills Program)

And don’t linger to “close the deal” or “score” again. You excuse yourself and say “Gotta run. See you later”.

When you meet her the third time you do a little more. Maybe you talk about something you’re going to do, something that she likes. When it’s PLAUSIBLE invite her along to something. Just because the idea just occurred to you. Do it casually. You get her number in the process because you need to be able to let her know about it…(If you’re not sure how to get a girl’s number without stress or rejection read this)

And that’s how you “approach” girls at university without becoming the guy that’s famous for hitting on girls and getting rejected.

You’re under the microscope. So be the social guy. Don’t be a hunter. Be a fisherman with bait on his rod that she can bite on. Or not. (Yes, I know how that sounds ;-))

Side effect? She can notice that she likes you and gradually build some trust and attraction if you do this right.

Make sense?

Look. This is just one simple solution to one specific situation. So if I could show you how to approach women naturally in any situation without pick up lines, routines or scripts, would you be interested in knowing more about it?

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Enjoy women,

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