How To Connect With A Beautiful Stranger

Gigi Dancer

     Morning 7 am. In front of Seven Eleven in Pai, Thailand.

     The nights up here in this small town in the mountains of the North of Thailand are surprisingly cold and I had  got up early to get a coffee from Seven Eleven just to warm up. When I exited with my coffee I noticed a beautiful woman and a man sitting outside talking to each other. She looked over with an open friendly smile for just a second before she continued talking to him. Her voice sounded relaxed and warm in contrast to the crisp early morning air.

     I went over…and ended up talking to them both for about 30 min about our lives, family, problems…it was one of those great moments when you meet people for the first time and you just click and talk for ages…

     She turned out to be a dancer called Gigi, and he was a french guy called Laurent who was down because his ex-wife didn’t let him see his daughter. They had got into a conversation and she was helping him deal with a few life challenges. I ended up having a long beautiful conversation with her when he left…She was very attractive but when I later asked for her number to meet with her later that day it turned out that she already had a great little family (married with a kid)…so I just kicked back and enjoyed the moment.

     Later that night my friends and I went to see Gigi doing this amazing show with a hula hoop and fire and her boyfriend was the guitarist of the band…best evening of the stay there. And we met more attractive girls there…one thing led to another…and that would be another blog post!

     But for now: I am telling you this story to explain…that this whole chain of events came about because of that tiny moment when her and me looked up and smiled at each other. In this case she even smiled first.

      What did that smile tell me? That she was friendly. That she liked people in general. That she was open to interaction. That she was confident. The way she spoke was calm, relaxed, chilled and honest. All these things I picked up almost instantly. That’s why I went over and spoke to them.

     It instinctively drew me over because I learned to follow my instinct when it comes to these moments. I’ve met some of the most amazing people in my life this way. Not by going around “approaching women in bars”. By picking up a vibe, being open to the moment, feeling a connection and letting myself follow my instinct.

Many of those moments turn into relationships. Some sexual. Some not.

Women particularly love these moments. When a guy just connects with them. Because they’re kindred spirits. Because they’re feeling the same vibe. Whatever you want to call it. So…the reason why I am telling you this story is to ask you:

     What signals do you give off every day? What’s the energy people pick up from you? Do you come across as friendly, inviting, open, relaxed, fun? Or as withdrawn, suspicious, guarded, careful or stressed?

     Because that will determine how women you meet will react to you. And it will determine how many women you will meet and how interesting they will be. If you’re not sure, the easiest way to find out the truth is to observe the reaction of others. Collect the data you’re getting. And get honest with yourself. Do people react with interest to me? Do people get curious? Do people find me approachable? How about women? Do they feel at ease interacting with me even though they’ve only just met me?

     Those are some of the most important questions you want to be able to say ‘YES’ to based on evidence and experience. And if you notice that you in fact it’s still a “NO” then read on and learn what all this depends on…Here’s the most important question of all:

     What would happen in YOUR life if you regularly gave of the kind of signals Gigi and myself gave off that morning?

Now really…imagine how your life would change for just a minute or two…

     I am sure you already know this at some level…but the truth is this: How you come across is dependent on your so called INNER GAME, how you THINK about yourself, life and others.

     How you think affects how you feel, how your face behaves, what your body language says about you, even how your voice sounds…

And how do you learn HOW to think so that you come across in a cool, open, totally approachable way so that women literally will start conversations with you?

That’s exactly what I can help you with. If you want my help in developing powerful confident inner game that draws others, men or women, naturally to you then join my ground breaking online program “6 Week Double Your Confidence Challenge”. It gives you the kind of confidence that allows you to follow your instinct in these situations rather than hold back. Week 1 is free to try out. Click here to find out more.

     And meet women in an unbelievably natural way,


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