3 Tips For How To Connect With Women FAST!

How to connect with women

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Have you ever felt disconnected from people in general and from women in particular? Have you ever had times when you’ve felt something close to lonely?

Because women seemed out of reach and you didn’t have many friends to introduce you to them?

Or maybe you’ve found yourself thinking: “It would be great if I could just go up to a girl, start a conversation and I’d know for sure that she wouldn’t look at me weird or otherwise make me look stupid”

That’s what I am going to help you with in this short article.

In fact I will share 3 key strategies that have helped me personally to never feel lonely again and to connect with women anywhere, anytime when I want to without them hardly ever starting to act weird.

Sounds too good to be true? Not so. It’s possible and I’ll prove it to you in this article today.

Before I do I should tell you how I know so much about this in the first place:

See…you may not have expected this, but when I first came to London from a small town in Germany…I often felt lonely.

I was shy. I didn’t know anyone. I wasn’t able to start a random conversation with people, men or women in the street. It wasn’t easy.

And I spent a lot of nights, going out of my small pokey flat and getting on a bus or walking around looking at all the people, trying to catch women eye hoping somehow that one of them would initiate a conversation with me.

I felt low and my self esteem was flatlining.

I’d have given anything for some clue as to how I could make sure that women wouldn’t think of me as weird or creepy when I’d start a conversation with them.

Now, years later I can only be amazed how I didn’t go crazy. Life is so much fun now, because I feel like I am constantly meeting new people, especially women.

It’s easy. Fun. And a part of my life. It can be a part of your life too.

So lets get into some key principles that helped me get good at meeting and connecting with women.

I am sure you’re not going through what I went through then…but I am sure they will prove valuable to you if you’ve ever wanted to easily meet and connect with women:

Key Tip 1: Have Momentum

If you had just said hello to 100 women one after the other…would you be worried about starting a conversation with Nr. 101?

Of course not. It would be easy. You wouldn’t need to think about how to do it. You’d just say the first thing that comes to your mind. You might just say: “Hi”.

See…starting a conversation with a stranger is only scary when you’ve not talked to anyone new for a while. When you’ve been sitting watching people wondering what you
would say to them. And then stopping.

I know this sounds basic. And I also know that many men are guilty of this. We even talk about girls we see to each other and comment that they’re cute or whatever…and we don’t talk to them! That’s how we get used to NOT approaching women!

Action Step:

Get momentum to start conversations with women by starting conversations with anyone you can get a hold of, anywhere, anytime, men, women…it doesn’t matter.

If you’re already talking, talking to yet another women is  nothing. However, if you never talk to strangers, then talking to a stranger who you’re also attracted to will keep freaking you out.

Key Tip 2: Voice Energy

If you’re worried about women reacting strangely or being confused or looking worried or asking you to repeat yourself then being heard clearly first time is an obvious must do item.

Truth is: Most men speak too quietly in public, and adopt a sort of careful quiet tone. We get used to it because we’re used to accommodating other people to fit in.

What’s the problem with that?

When you start a conversation with a girl that you don’t know you’re doing something different from everyone else: You’re standing out. You’ll do something slightly surprising for the girl.

So in order to make sure that despite being surprised by your unique actions you should try to be understood first time around. Because if you’re not understood first time it can also
subconsciously create doubt or uncertainty in her mind.

By having a good strong voice energy, speaking loud enough and with a good commanding attitude you’ll command respect, impress women and help her follow your lead.

I know that’s counter intuitive. But it is true in my experience.

Action Step:

Get practise at speaking up in public. When you’re in the supermarket don’t mumble when you speak to the cashier. Speak loud and clear with a commanding energy.

When you order a drink in a bar, practise ordering your drink in a clear, assertive voice without hesitating, mumbling or weak sounding filler words like: “well”, “kind of”, “maybe”, “I don’t know” and all those insecure, unsure sounding words.

Why not? Because they transmit insecurity, uncertainty. And unless you practise not using these words in situations when there’s nothing at stake you’re going to fall back on them when
the pressure is on.

Key Tip 3: Fun Mode

Men who get nervous and struggle with meeting women usually only have one mode of thinking and behaving. Serious mode.

Women are great at categorising their lives: There’s work stuff and there’s fun stuff.

When it comes to work stuff women are great at switching into serious mode, look and act professional and be all grown up.

When it comes to fun stuff women are great at switching into fun, relaxed, flirtatious mode.

Talking to men is NOT in the work section of women’s life.

It’s meant to be part of fun, the light, flirtatious, good feelings, being a girl part of their lives.

What’s the best way of giving someone else a good time?

Is it to try hard to ask them the “right” question? Is it to look nervous and worried about whether they like you or not?

No. It’s to have a good time YOURSELF. Have fun.

If you’re not used to the idea of having fun when you’re talking to a girl then imagine she’s your mate when you play football or play station and you’ve just beaten him or scored a goal.

Then imagine you’re in that state with a girl you’re talking to.

That’s why guys who don’t really care what’s going to happen next are so much more fun to be around with women.

Action step:

Find ways, any ways to have fun with girls.

What I mean by that is: Rather than trying to entertain her, entertain yourself first. It will make you more interesting, exciting and it also creates fun in the girl. See the easiest way to induce a great state in someone else is to be in that state yourself first.

In other words: She’ll have more fun if you’re having fun. If you’re working hard to make sure she’ll have fun it’s not going to work.

I’ve learned this the hard way. I used to be terrible at this. I took it all way too seriously. Don’t make my mistake.

You want to be a part of that “fun” part of her life. Other parts of fun in a girl’s life include sex, cuddles, boyfriend, trips…see why you want to be in that box?

Now…do yourself a favour and practise what I’ve shared with you in this article. These really are important ideas that will make meeting and connecting with new women much easier and more natural for you.

I am sure you can already see how tweaking your approach and your mindset in the way that I’ve just shown can help you avoid ever feeling lonely or disconnected from women again.

Next Steps?

Of course, what I’ve told you today is only a tiny percentage of the key ideas, methods and strategies that I’ve developed to make it easy and totally natural for myself to meet new women every day, even though I went through long periods of loneliness and frustration all those years ago.

What I’ve learned about approaching and connecting with women without ever using pick up lines, scripts or routines is in my Approach At Will Ebook.

If you want all the pieces to the puzzle you can download it here:


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