How To Get A Girl To Like You: Making A Deeper Connection

Ever experienced this?

You’re talking to a girl and when you were bantering, things went fine. you feel ok, she seems to feel ok too, but you can tell that she’s just going through the motions.

She gives all the right answers, she is good at playing the game, but you know that she’s not having any actual feelings about you.

She doesn’t actually feel connected to you yet. You’re still a stranger to her. Nice. But a stranger. She’s in neutral. Or autopilot. Whatever you want to call it.

 So what do you do? You’ve got a number of different options. You could rev up the banter, rev up the tension, challenge her and all of that. But what if you’ve

Already done that? And it’s time for something else? There comes a time in any interaction with a girl where you need to get a deeper connection. Or any connection for that matter. Or you’ll be acquaintances from now on and for all time.

Make her feel connected with you, make her feel that you’ve got things in common, shared feelings, ideas etc. You want her to trust you. How do you do this?


You ask her a simple question about something she’s interested in like: What kind of music do you like?  When she tells you the type of music she likes you follow up with what we call a “follow up question”and ask: “What do you like about it?” or “Why do you like [the music she likes]?”or even more simply: “Why?” And then listen.

She might take a moment to start answering it she might even say she doesn’t know initially…But if you gently insist…she will tell you stuff about herself that she might not even have realised before herself.

 And here’s the key: She will REALISE that she’s sharing something with you she might not have shared with anyone before. Something personal. Something that’s revealing about herself. That’s powerful. Now YOU’RE the guy that gave HER an insight about HERSELF.

Women love this. And they connect that insight and that intimacy with you from now on. Congratulations. You’ve just connected with the girl of your dreams at a deeper level, intrigued her, taught her something about herself and made her feel special. All with a simple question.

Then you could top it up with a quick story of WHY you like the kind of music YOU like…or when you first realised how much you liked it. And that bonds you two even more.

It’s knowing what to say, when, in what context. When you know, you can connect with anyone at will.

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