How to get confident and feel in control in seconds with this weird confidence building voice trick!

how to get confident in seconds

If you get nervous before you approach a girl, or when you talk to an attractive woman, or if you’re in meetings, or before a presentation then you’re probably struggling to have a trick or technique that will quickly calm you down and get you back in control while also making you come across as confident and in control on the outside as soon as you use it.

I know, because I’ve been there. Getting self confident fast when you’re freaking out inside is tricky. See, self-confidence is easy when you’re feeling good, but when you’re mind is racing getting confidence is near impossible.

It took me a long time to discover this simple trick to use your voice to start feeling in control again and literally force yourself to feel confident, look confident and sound confident within minutes without having to go through long drawn out processes in your mind or doing weird exercises in the bathroom.

That’s the great thing about this technique: You can use it in action, when you’re with people, it works on the outside and on the inside at the same time and self confidence, control and self esteem becomes a powerful side effect.

So if you can make this a regular habit of your way of speaking you’ll notice a powerful shift to a more confident you…all you’ve got to do is understand the principle, get awareness of your current habits and practise it in your day to day life.

Sound like a plan? Then take action with this technique.

Now you know how to get confident and feel in control fast whenever you get nervous or freaked out here’s how to double your self confidence over 6 weeks:

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