How To Meet Women As A Foreigner

When it comes to dating, attracting women and getting a girlfriend many men who are foreigners or second language speakers feel that they’re at a disadvantage. They often struggle to be as smooth in conversation, maybe don’t find the right word at the right time, feel unfamiliar with the local customs and social subtleties, they may even perceive their own background to be off putting to women in their new environment.

And while I have had a lot of similar experiences and thoughts when i first came to England from Germany I can tell you that I also made a lot of mistakes that made things harder for me. Only later did I realise the vast opportunities being a foreigner offers and even the fact that I am speaking in a second language is something I see as an asset now.

The video will show you what I mean by that specifically.


Of course, if you really feel that your accent gets in the way because people can’t actually understand you without straining then you should follow my advice and get some daily practice in with this book:

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