How To Show Interest Without Coming Across As Needy

What is the first rule of attracting women? Stop being needy. Because neediness makes you unattractive to almost any woman in the world.

I know it’s tricky. As men, we’re meant to make the first move, show what we want, escalate things with women, approach women, start the conversation and ask for her number and always be the ones to lead.

And it can seem like it’s impossible not to come across as needy if YOU’RE the one showing the interest.

And if you don’t figure this out you’ll always hold back and stop yourself from moving forward, fearing you’ll be coming across to needy or putting her off.

But the truth is:

All you’ve got to aim for is the one thing I am showing you in this video.

The more you can start to enjoy this simple concept around women the more compelling, charismatic and attractive you become to them.


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