How To Start A Conversation With A Girl In Starbucks

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8.15 am Monday morning.

You’re in the queue in your favourite coffee place waiting to get served. You’re noticing a girl in front of you in the queue. You wake up from your morning doze and instantly realise you need to talk to her or you won’t forgive yourself. She’s that cute.

What should you do?

It’s tricky, because you need her to like you, find you attractive, and be willing to give you her number. But you’re not alone with her. So you can’t come off as creepy or needy…or she won’t give you her number and people might be laughing at you behind your back.

Here’s what to do:

1. When it’s your turn you order your coffee with a friendly confident voice and you make sure you’re having a quick playful conversation with the barista that makes them laugh. You do this loud enough so that the girl you’re interested in can overhear you!

(You’re doing this so that she can hear that you’re a cool guy who is liked by others)

2. You pay and join her where she’s waiting to pick up her coffee. You stand next to her.

(You’re doing this because it’s almost rude not to start a conversation when someone is in your personal space)

3. You stand there for a second in silence, then you look at her from the side and say with a dry smile: “Here we are, waiting in line for our morning fix. What’s yours?”

(You’re doing this because it’s a common experience you’re sharing and it’s a plausible way to open the conversation.)

4. She will respond in some way, smile, laugh or actually be witty enough to quip something back.

(She’s doing this because it would be weird not to as you’ve already proved that you’re a cool guy that people like)

5. When she does…you react with something plausible and then ask her if she’s a local like you…

(You’re doing that because you’re friendly and charming and it makes sense. You’re also doing it build even more common ground)

6. Whether she is or whether she’s not, you introduce yourself and ask her name.

(You’re doing this because it would be odd NOT to and to make the next step in the process of cementing the new relationship)

Boom. You’re in and you can take it from there.

It sounds simple when you write it out like this, doesn’t it? And of course, there are a million other ways to start a conversation with a girl in the same situation. And yet most guys can’t do it in practice. Truth is, it’s not just WHAT you say of course and WHAT you do. It depends a lot on HOW you do it, and how you THINK when you do it.

All the same I hope you find this a useful example of how simple and natural starting a conversation with a girl can be when you do it in the right way.

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