How to talk to girls basics: Are you asking too many questions?

asking too many questionsWhen it comes to how to talk to girls the topic of questions has been discussed over and over again. Some guys say: Don’t ask questions, Make statements. Questions are needy. Other guys say: You can’t ask too many questions.

The answer is somewhere inbetween.

In this video you’ll learn my take on a common problem guys slip into when it comes to using questions when they talk to girls. And that’s asking too many questions.

When you ask to many questions you’re creating an energy that’s more akin to a job interview or an interrogation. It creates a dynamic that doesn’t create a smooth easy conversation that you can use as a platform from which to start flirting with her or escalating things…

So learn how to take on board the basic give and take of a easy flowing conversation that you can build on.

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