Inner Game Of Approaching Women: How To Stop Being Needy When You Start A Conversation With A Girl

When men think about starting a conversation with a girl they’re interested in they often develop a way of thinking that straightaway makes them feel needy. They focus on the wrong things. It’s as simple as that.

So what do they focus on when they try to start a conversation with a girl? On what they’re trying to get: their approval, their number, a chance with them, an opportunity to prove that they could be a good guy to date.

It’s easy to develop that mindset because you’re the one who’s reaching out to her so of course you’re the one who’s got a “need”. Or at least this is how it would seem.

So is there a way to approach a girl without this inherent neediness?

Sure, but it requires a little bit of work on yourself, your inner game and how you think about yourself and her and the situation. In other words the frame of the interaction.

In this video you’ll learn the essential inner game shift you need to make if you want to be able to feel good starting a conversation with a complete stranger and never feel needy around girls.

This starts in your mind and takes time. But once you make the shift you’ll never look back and approaching a girl will be the most natural thing in the world.

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