Meeting Women In Bars – 3 Tips To Doing It Right!

Going out this weekend?

If you are then you should talk to a few new girls while you’re there.

Bars are social environments and a little flirting here and there is expected!

So let me give you a few tips for talking to women in bars…and help you avoid the kind of mistakes I see guys making in bars all the time:


Many guys take everything to do with talking to women too seriously. They’ve been watching way too many videos on the topic and overcomplicate it. That’s why they’re coming across like they’re at work.

So, keep it simple, playful and non binding.

Have a little contact here, a little interaction there. You’re talking to her because you’re in a social mood and she seems kind of intriguing or quirky, not because you’re trying to get 5 numbers tonight and she’s the 3rd girl you’ve tried.


Girls don’t tend to be alone at bars. They’re with friends. If you’re trying to keep her away from her friends you become a potential obstacle in her life.

So become an welcome addition instead.

If her friends are there, talk to them, make them laugh, make them like you. Over the years I’ve learned that that’s almost more important than the girl itself. Because the second you turn your back they will talk about you.

So give them something to talk about, ideally something positive and entertaining that intrigues them for when you join them again later or when you call her.


You’re just a good looking stranger to her at this point, no matter how well you have connected in the last half minute. So stay aware that she’s at this bar with her friend or friends.

Don’t assume that her plans for the evening have changed just because you two hit it off.

It’s important to signal that you’re not just hoping for her to hang out with you for the rest of the night, that you’ve got your friends to look after. Remember, this is only the first step, constrained by the environment.

If however you can find a way to bring your group and her group together for the next location you’re onto a winner.

If that’s not practical, it’s better to get her number sooner rather than later. Guys hanging on too long is the surest sign of a beta male that you see quite often in bars. And it rarely works out well for the guy.

And if you’re wondering how to start the conversation with a girl at a bar in a way that doesn’t get you labeled or rejected then get yourself a copy of my “approaching women” program.

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