Never Apologise for Being Interested In A Woman

I mean it. Don’t apologise for being interested in a woman, for being attracted to her, for talking to her. Don’t apologise for looking at a woman. Or smiling at a woman. Or even physically wanting a woman.

Don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed by being a man or having a sex drive. Don’t spend your energy pretending it’s not happening. Don’t pretend you want to be her platonic friend if you’re attracted to her.

I know. Many guys worry that if they don’t hide that they’re attracted or interested they would come across as creepy or needy. I thought the same way.

But here’s what I learned over the years:

You only come across as needy or creepy if you are insecure inside and you’re giving her to understand that you need her in order to feel good. If you’re confident and happy in your own skin AND interested in her then you’re just a cool guy who’s interested in her. That’s attractive. (Unfortunately you only truly understand this when you’ve become confident and happy in your own skin)

Now do I mean you should TALK about sex or how much you’re attracted to her?


Don’t TALK about it. Just enjoy FEELING  it and let it flow naturally into your behaviour and the way you communicate with her. Just don’t pretend that it’s not there.

Get comfortable with being attracted to women and enjoy the process. Be at ease. Accept what’s going on. Also accept when it’s not requited.

Enjoy the process and let go of the NEED to ALWAYS get the outcome. And you’ll find that more women are going to get more interested in you.

Why do so many guys feel embarrassed about showing an interest in a girl?

1. Because they have underlying confidence issues.(If this applies to you click here to fix them)

2. Because they don’t have the right approach to meeting new women.

Because when you KNOW you’re making a woman’s life more fun when you talk to her you’re feeling great about the process. I mean, how would you feel if you fully believed that talking to a girl is a compliment or favour you’re giving her? Read that again if it seems crazy. But that’s exactly how I see starting a conversation with a woman these days.

If you’re wondering how to get to this and other mind shifts about meeting women then feel free to read my book!

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And in the meantime…imagine going through a whole day NOT apologising for being interested in women…How would that be?

Let me know your thoughts and speak to you soon,

Stephan /;-)

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