Overcome Approach Anxiety & Get Confident Around Women With This “Method Acting” Trick!

Overcome Approach Anxiety

Approach Anxiety is one of those topics us men don’t talk about a lot to our friends. We’d rather rationalise not talking to that attractive woman we spot in the bar or club,  rather than admit we might have a weakness.

And yet, if we could just simply see a girl we like and feel good and relaxed talking to her even though she is a complete stranger, we’d have opportunities to connect with many women…it would totally change most guys’ lives!

Approach anxiety can be difficult to “cure” when you’re not sure how to boost your confidence around women. And usually the advice on approach anxiety and lack of confidence is to just do it and you’ll build your confidence in the process. But I’ve learned in my own experience of trying to be more confident that it’s hard without work on your “inner game” at the same time.

The confidence boosting technique I adapted from method acting that you learn about in the video below will change your thought process to become confident and with that help you side step approach anxiety.

After practising with this technique for a while you will notice how your more confident thoughts will affect your behaviour to become more self confident, including your body language and your feelings.

This method I adapted from my method acting training is truly a game changer and practised correctly can change your mindset and behaviour radically in the long term.

So practise it to talk to women with confidence.

Watch this video to drastically improve your ability to confidently start a conversation with a girl you like…and carry it on from there as if you’ve been doing it for years! And once you’ve watched it, get the other three techniques I am talking about in the video …for free! Because you shouldn’t have to limit yourself, ever!

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