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Approach At Will

Approach At Will is for men who are not satisfied with the manipulative approach methods usually being taught. It’s more effective, smart and effortless, because unlike the usual approaches, following the “Approach At Will” system doesn’t set off beautiful women’s defences because women don’t feel “picked up” or manipulated. So before you get this, let me give you an overview of what you’ll learn in the book, so you know it’s right for you. Click here to learn more



The 6 Week Double Your Confidence Challenge

Give me 2 hours a week for 6 weeks and I'll at least double your self confidence! The 6 Week Double Your Confidence Challenge is for men who want to be more confident and comfortable in all situations including meeting women, being at parties, important meetings, interviews. You will develop the inner game of a confident man, start to have a better relationship with yourself and others, learn to take action without holding back and how to see yourself succeeding. You'll even learn how to literally make yourself confident at the "touch of a button"...Find out more here

Pimp Your Lingo 2.0 - Verbal Foreplay

Discover the hidden principles that will turn you into a smooth conversationalist. Learn how to deeply connect with women, attract and seduce women and discover how to turn any conversation into an opportunity to flirt and attract.  The Pimp Your Lingo Program teaches you the inner game of conversations, the conversation connection factors and the attraction factors so you can attract women on dates, but also online, via text or instant messenger, where what you do with words is all that matters. Find out more here

Meeting Girls Preplay Track

The Meeting Girls Preplay Track is an easy to use visualisation track, allowing you to mentally rehearse successfully meeting and attracting women in your everyday life. Being able to see yourself succeeding with women is a key to making it a reality and accelerates your progress like nothing else. Use this visualisation track once a day for best results.