The 3 Rules Of Escalating With Women

3 rules of escalating with women

If you want to meet women and end up in bed or in a relationship with them, you need to be able to escalate things from the safe environment of every small talk, polite physical distance and safe anonymity.

But of course, escalating is something a lot of guys struggle with. They’re either not doing it or they’re doing it too fast. I am talking about escalating intimacy…for example from banter to sexual banter, or from sexual banter to touching.

Important to say as well is that you can escalate with body language, with voice tone and with language.

So here are the 3 most common cardinal sins guys commit when it comes to escalating:

1. They don’t do it.
2. They’re doing it too much, too quickly.
3. They’re not reading her responses.

Alright. From this follows that there are 3 rules for escalating like a boss:

1. Always aim to escalate.
2. Go step by step.
3. Read her responses.

Not too complicated, right?

Here’s why these 3 rules are so important:

Always aiming to escalate is important because it stops you from stagnating and falling back into your comfort zone. Say you’ve established a great playful tone with some mild teasing and banter. You notice it’s working. You’re in your comfort zone.

So if you’re ignoring rule 1 you’re going to carry on with it rather than looking to escalate to the next level of intimacy. This might be introducing sexual banter. It might be building deeper connection, if you haven’t done that yet.

And what happens in her mind if you don’t aim to escalate? The momentum and anticipation subsides and things fizzle out.

(On a side note: If you don’t know how to create sexual banter or develop a deeper connection with a girl watch this video.)

Remember: If you want things to move forward then you need to always aim to escalate.

Why I say “aim” to escalate is because of rule 3: “Read her responses”. If your reading of her tells you that she’s not ready for the next level, you wait. So don’t push it against your better judgement, but it’s important that you’re LOOKING for the way to it.

Rule 2 is obvious I hope. Still many guys forget this. They jump from saying “Hi” to “You’re so beautiful. Can I get your number so I can take you out on a date sometime?” Or they haven’t touched a girl the whole evening and then they want to go in for the kiss. That’s going to lead to unpredictable reactions from women.

(If you’re not sure how to go from starting a conversation to getting her number then watch this video)

So go step by step. The only time you don’t go step by step is when you’ve got an adventurous girl in front of you who’s up for anything. Then you just go ahead and jump right in.

But for everyone else remember to:

Always aim to escalate. Go step by step. Read her responses.

Have a story to share about when escalating worked or didn’t work? Got a question about this topic? Share them below in the comments!

Enjoy Women,


PS: In the next post I am going to give you some examples of exactly HOW to escalate things on a date. Stay tuned!



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