Want to get a girl to like you and get a girlfriend? Stop making this common mistake!

how to get a girlfriend


A lot of men make a simple mistake in the seemingly complex game of dating.

Especially when it comes to girls we REALLY like, the kind of girls we want to be our girlfriends we tend to slip into this common mistake that actually lowers our chances with women we really like because we’re ending up putting pressure on them to “evaluate” us logically and for the long term instead of having fun with us and getting attracted to us and going on the journey of getting to know us in the context of fun and adventure.

When we’re making this often unconscious mistake with girls we really like we end up being “friendzoned” more often than not, simply because we don’t know any better.

What is this common mistake?

It’s trying to prove to her that you’re boyfriend material.

(I’ll explain exactly why and how this happens and why it’s bad news for your prospects with girls in the video below)

So make sure you don’t fall into the “boyfriend material” trap and attract a girl step by step instead the way it goes in most cases these days.

Have as much fun in the process and think about boyfriend girlfriend stuff later…Despite what you think, most girls will thank you for it!

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