What to talk about with a girl you like

"What do I talk about with a girl I like?" is one of the most common questions many men want to get the answer to. And often we're asking it for the wrong reason.

In this video we'll explore what that wrong reason is and why it may have stopped you from attracting women when you talk to them, either for the first time or on a date.

But I'll also reveal the single question you need to ask yourself to ALWAYS know the best topic to talk about whether you've just approached a girl, or you're texting her, or you're on the phone or even on a date with her.

This will help you to always know what to say to a girl without giving you rigid topic choices to avoid or go for. Because that stuff is boring, right? Watch the video below and let me know what you think:

Click the link below to get more conversation tactics that feel great for you and for her and build attraction like nothing else:


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