Why Girls Said No When I Asked For Their Number

When it comes to getting the number I always used to make a big mistake.

Because at the back of my mind I was thinking: “OMG, what if she doesn’t want to give it to me?” I usually used to get kind of serious looking, concentrated a lot more and overall tried a bit too hard.

You know, when you really want to get something right and actually, it makes you look a bit needy?

Well, I used to be the king of this.

Will She Punch Me If I Ask For Her Number?

What I realised was: Deep inside I EXPECTED her to say: “No, are you crazy?” or try to land a knock out blow in self defence and that was at the heart of my problem.

And the worst part?

Because I gave off that vibe that I expected her to say “No” guess what happened? Girls said “No” or “Mmhh…I don’t think that would be a good idea” or “Ok, but only as friends”…

Now I know that how another person reacts to what you say or ask has mostly to do with
what you EXPECT them to react like. I know. It’s the weirdest thing but it’s true.

And here’s the lesson that this taught me in relation to taking a girl’s number:

You’ve got to expect her to want to give it to you. In fact, ideally you want to expect
her to have been waiting for you to ask for her number! (Read that again a few times if that sounded a bit strange)

And guess what? All of a sudden, girl’s don’t get queasy anymore when you ask. Because
you’re not feeling queasy anymore in the first place.

See what I am saying here?

Now you know one of my weird sticking points that used to ruin things for me. And I hope you found it useful.

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