Why “Just Doing It” Is Not Enough To Get Confident With Women

confidence vs competence

When it comes to gaining confidence around women, whether it be to approach women, talk to women, start a conversation, go on a date or even be confident with your girlfriend without seemingly losing your identity in a relationship…you might have been told a few dubious things which you may believe to be true right now:

For example that you should “just do it” and the confidence will come. Just approach women and you’ll get more confident doing it. Just talk to girls so you get used to it. Just go on dates so you get more comfortable. And for many people that is true. That’s all they need.

And yet for a lot of guys this approach actually makes things worse. Why?

Because they either don’t recognise their success in a way that changes their mindset and self image…or because they don’t have success. In that case their confidence and self esteem actually goes down and things get worse.

And that’s one of the biggest reasons why a lot of guys are not taking action. Because they can sense the real risk that they won’t succeed and destroy their confidence and self esteem further. I know what it’s like. I’ve been there many times.

That’s why in this video I share with you the crucial things that needs to happen so that consistent action actually makes you more confident, rather than less confident.


And if you’ve found the video helpful then you’ll love this four part video series on truly understanding and developing your inner game around women that you can access completely free at the link below:


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