Why So Serious? Why You’re Still Struggling To Attract Women

Why So Serious?
If you’re still struggling to meet women, get dates, get a sex life or even a girlfriend and you feel you’ve learned a lot about it but it’s still not working…

…it could be down to simply needing to relax and have a little bit of fun.

Watch this video to learn why:

See, in my experience of working with hundreds of single guys I noticed certain patterns…One of which is that I’ve never met a guy who struggles to date women who is playful and always looking for opportunities to have a good time. Never once.

Instead I’ve met a lot of guys who may have learned a lot of information on the topic of meeting women but you have become so overserious about the process that without knowing it they are not “fun” to be around anymore.

But meeting guys or dating a guy is firmly in the “fun” category for women, so if you don’t seem to have any fun in the process she’s simply not going to find it easy to connect.

So forget about everything you’ve learned for a while and ask yourself:

How would I approach this girl if the nr.1 reason I did it was to have some fun? How would I talk to a girl on the phone if I did it purely to have fun in the process? How would I be on this date right now if I was just here for my own entertainment?

I guarantee you one thing: You’ll be more FUN to be around. You’ll relax, you’ll get playful, you’ll go for what you want…all attractive qualities that women are drawn to.

Time to stop being so serious, don’t you think?

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