Why The ‘Friend Zone’ Isn’t Real

So I shot a video about the friendzone and when I read some comments I realised I had to post another video to clarify some things I took for granted.

Like for example the notion that the “friend zone” is just a word, an idea, possibly created by a smart dating marketer who realised that if you give something a name, it feels more real and tangible. Well, they’re right. It does.

That’s exactly why I want you to stop thinking about the friendzone, worrying about the friendzone, obsessing about the friend zone or watch another video about it!

Because, here’s the power strategy of smart successful people: Any word, idea or concept that exists in the world but that doesn’t support you in your well being…GET RID OF IT!

That’s what I suggest you do with a word like “friendzone”.

Drop it from use. Stop spending another second thinking about it.

Replace it either in the way I say in the video, or in some other way that makes you feel EMPOWERED and in CONTROL.

Then notice the difference it makes to your self confidence, sense of control and personal power.

And focus on learning how to attract women instead.

I explain it with more clarity in this video:

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