The Hidden Reason Why You Find Approaching Women Difficult

“Approaching women is still one of the hardest things for most guys in the process of meeting and attracting women. Starting a conversation with a stranger seems intimidating and risky and it’s something that used to personally freak me out more than anything else.

Unfortunately most of the strategies to approach girls I found in my early days were external. That’s why they were useless to me. I just felt to nervous and I couldn’t be myself using pick up lines or routines. I needed to figure out what was going wrong in my head to solve this problem. And then I finally did.

In this video I explain exactly how i figured out the answer to the problem of why I wasn’t comfortable approaching women. And by following the advice in this video you too can notice the changes this simple insight has made in my life.”

Stephan Erdman

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Approaching Women – The Real Reason You Find Approaching Girls Difficult (And How To Fix It)

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