Why You Need To Lead The Conversation When You Approach A Girl

lead the conversation


I was sitting in a cafe today and I observed a guy approaching a woman.

I've got to say: I love sitting quietly and observing life around me. And I love seeing people connect.

But unfortunately it didn't happen this time. In fact, I ended up feeling bad for both of them.

Because good looking guy in question committed a CARDINAL SIN of approaching women which is:


Maybe he didn't mean to. Maybe he was too nervous. But I still think he thought it was her job to talk to him and initiate the conversation.

And it's not.

He probably thought: Why is she so quiet? Maybe he even complained in his head. And maybe you've been in a similar situation...

But here's what you've got to bear in mind:

If you start a conversation with a stranger you've got to be able to sustain it with energy and injections of humour and charm…At least until you've created enough interest from her that you can take a little step back and let her come to you.

But you can't expect a girl to just drop everything and have full focus on you just because you managed to say hi.

It takes a while for people (and especially women) to open up and get invested in a conversation.

Remember, you're a stranger. She's still sitting there wondering why you're talking to her and whether she'd be better off ignoring you because of what else she has got going on. Or because her last boyfriend became her stalker.

And so you've got to burden the responsibility to sustain the conversation for a while. To make her feel comfortable, trustful and relaxed in your presence.

We're making sense here, aren't we?

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