You Will Never Attract Women If You Hold On To These Toxic Beliefs About Women

attracting women toxic beliefs

Attracting women is to a large part something that happens in your mind. How you see yourself in relation to women in general is a crucial part of that.

And yet so many men unwittingly destroy their own ability to attract women and get a great relationship with a fantastic girl simply because they don’t realise that they’re their own worst enemy in the process.

They hold onto mindsets or negative beliefs about women that literally disqualify them instantly from any interest by women, attitudes that women can smell from a mile away that make them toxic to women.

These toxic beliefs are mental habits that creep in through disappointments and frustrations and if you don’t check them asap things will only get worse.

When it comes to attracting women or picking up girls you’ve got to be in the right mindset first of all or your negative vibe will give you away straightaway…and you won’t even know why you’re getting rejected.

In this video you’ll learn several toxic beliefs that you might well be holding on without even knowing it if you’ve ever been rejected by a girl and you’ll learn how to let go of them:

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Or if you’re still happy to hold onto these toxic beliefs please just stop looking at dating advice videos….they won’t help you until you decide that you need to change.

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